Demolition Day

Visit a demolition site in your area on 21 September 2024!

On 21 September 2024, trade association VERAS is organising Demolition Day: a day on which VERAS members will open up their demolition and asbestos removal sites to the public! Have you always wanted to take a look at a demolition site? Do you wonder what happens with all the materials that are released during demolition work? And did you know that the demolition and asbestos removal branch offers plenty of interesting career opportunities? Come to a demolition site in your area on Demolition Day, 21 September 2024. 

Why VERAS is organising the Demolition Day

VERAS is the trade association for demolition contractors and asbestos removal companies in the Netherlands. With 100 members and more than 20 donors, we represent an important segment of the demolition and asbestos removal branch. On Demolition Day, we want to demonstrate to the Netherlands what a tremendous job our branch does every day and how proud we are of our beautiful profession. We want to draw attention to the different positions and career opportunities in the demolition trade and in asbestos removal. We also want to demonstrate the special and interesting role of the demolition contractor as a supplier of raw materials for the circular economy. What happens with all those materials that are released during demolition activities? You will find out all about it on Demolition Day!

Which demolition sites are joining in?

On you can see which members of VERAS are participating in Demolition Day and which location(s) they are opening. 

Demolition Day is fun and interesting for everyone!

Everybody is welcome! Whether you are familiar with the demolition trade or not: Demolition Day is a day for everyone, for young and old. Our members will be pleased to welcome you at their project or business location to show you that demolition and asbestos removal is a beautiful and dynamic profession. 

Put 21 September 2024 in your agenda and come to the demolition site!